4 steps to get what you want

It’s funny how often we get in our own way of our wants and dreams. Fear can creep in and that inner self critic whispers sweet nothings until we give in to its charm. I find myself in a battle with my inner self critic most often when I’m trying to level up in life and step out of my comfort zone. Like the time I decided to volunteer for my son’s class events or that time I decided to travel alone across the country.

I like to tap in to my intuition or my inner guidance when I feel stuck in fear or when I feel like I need some direction. I think of this inner guidance as an all knowing version of myself that is ready and waiting to provide subtle or not-so-subtle synchronicities along my life path. The important part is finding ways to listen or pay attention to those clues.

Here’s how you can follow this practice:

Set an intention, do something that lights you up, listen to your intuition, take action.

Step 1: Set an intention for what you want. It doesn’t have to be huge, just declare what you want. Write it down, say it out loud, or hold the vision in your mind.

Step 2: Do something that lights you up.  Take some time to for you to nourish your mind, body, soul or all three!

Step 3: Listen to your intuition. Listen from your heart by focusing on your breath and bringing your attention to your heart. At first this can seem tricky. Your mind might try and take over and look for clues and signs or over-analyze your thoughts. Try and release the need to know and just observe. Usually the first thought that comes to mind is your answer. It does not have to make sense in the moment.

Step 4: Take action. This is the big one. Once you receive your guidance, take action. It could be to make that call, say yes to that opportunity, take that course. It might not even seem to align with your initial intention but it just might the first step to receiving what you want!

Here’s an example:

Since I started the practice of reiki, I have been wanting more opportunities to work with people because I feel so amazing after each and every session. I found something I am aligned with. Something that truly lights me up! My intention for this year was to increase the number of clients so I can do more of what I love and help more people.

Before trying to figure out a plan to do this, I grabbed a soul sister, some tea, and oracle cards and drove to the beach to catch the sunset. Sunsets, oracle cards, and good company are all things that bring me pleasure.

Not long after I returned from this hour of pleasure, I looked at my calendar and had the urge to reach out to a specific reiki client to book her next session. This is something I never do. I question whether I’m being too pushy or sounding desperate. With a few deep breaths I did it in spite of my inner self critic whispers. I took action and reached out to this client with a few dates and released the outcome to the universe.

After a few hours I received a message back. She said yes and thanked me for thinking of her. The real magic is when she called back asking if she could invite a friend. A new client!

My first new reiki client of the year was booked and my intention was fulfilled.

Where in your life can you step out of your own way and take bold action? The magic is waiting on the other side.

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Never curse an avocado again!

Anyone who loves avocados knows what I’m talking about…

You buy the avocados while they’re firm, keep on the counter waiting for the perfect opportunity to cut it open just to find out every single one of those jerks are rotten! I’ve dropped the F-bomb a few times when dealing with the love/hate relationship I have toward avocados.  Scroll down for a miracle solution!avocado-close-up-colors-557659

I keep trying because I know just how amazing they are for my health!

Why I love avocados:

  • High in fibre regulating appetite, feeding friendly gut bacteria, and reducing the risk of many diseases
  • Packed with healthy fat which is great for reducing inflammation in the body and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Super filling helping to feel satisfied faster so would be beneficial when trying to lose some extra pounds

What I didn’t like about them until I found a solution:

  • They’re sneaky little suckers and can go bad so quickly
  • Eating a whole avocado in one sitting is tough so finding a way to store the other half wasn’t practical (it would turn brown so easily)

I recently discovered a way to store avocados so they last weeks!

Store them in the fridge! For some reason, I never thought to do this.  If you find them on sale, stock up and throw them in your crisper! Take one or two out a day or two prior to using them and voila – fresh and perfectly ripe!

A few other quick tips:

  • Slice up unused portions and place in a plastic baggy or wrap to store in the freezer for smoothies
  • Leave the pit in the half you won’t be using and place in the fridge using a plastic baggy squeezing as much air out as possible
  • Avoiding plastic? Rub some lemon juice or olive oil on the avocado half and store bottom down in a dish in the fridge

Do you have any tips on storing avocados? What about recipe ideas other than good old guacamole? Share below so we can all learn from each other!