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Discover You!

Do you ever find yourself questioning why you sometimes feel stuck or like you’re living a life designed for someone else? Do you wish you can experience life with more flow and ease?

If you’re like the majority of the people I talk to, you can probably think back to moments where you have experienced complete alignment and your life flowed in a way that truly lit up your soul… even if those moments were prior to becoming an adult in the “real” world. It is possible to feel this way more often than not and I can show you how!

This package is a beautiful introduction to who you are on a soul level and will help you…

  • understand when you’re in and out of alignment
  • learn how to make decisions that will bring you closer to your desires
  • discover your life theme
  • learn how to exchange your energy with the world to create more flow and ease
  • understand why you might feel different from others and why this is a gift to the world
  • integrate what you’ve discovered energetically

What you will receive:

  • One 50 minute session to uncover your unique Human Design (you will need your date, time, and place of birth)
  • One 20 minute distance healing session (this can be booked separately)
  • A customized 15+ page pdf of your unique Human Design to support you after your session

$88 ($132 if purchased separately)