In-home Reiki


Carve out an hour of quiet time, grab your favourite pillow and I will bring everything else to you.  This 60 minute session includes a comfortable massage and a blanket for comfort with your choice of essential oils and healing gemstones to enhance the experience. You will receive a gift after each session.  Visit my FAQ page to learn more


Distance Healing Reiki Session



$60 for 4 sessions

Distance Healing is beneficial for those who are not able to book an in-person session for any reason.  I highly recommend booking a time when you can relax and be undisturbed for 30 minutes as this will enhance your experience.  I will follow up via email or a phone call to discuss the session once completed.  Visit my FAQ page to learn more


Contact Roxanne to book your session or to purchase a gift certificate

In Home Reiki Session


Distance Reiki (4 sessions)


Distance Reiki (1 session)