Distance Healing Reiki Session

$33 CAD

Distance Healing is beneficial for those who prefer to be in the comfort of their own home or just needing that extra energetic support.  Although it is not necessary, I highly recommend booking a time when you can relax and be undisturbed for 30 minutes as this will enhance your experience.  I will follow up via email to notify you of anything that came up during your session.  Visit my FAQ page to learn more.

Human Design Reading

$44 CAD

Human Design is basically a roadmap on how to live the life your soul came to this earth to live. In a world full of shoulds, we can be left feeling confused on the best way to create ease and flow.  Human Design helps us unlock what our soul has been guiding us towards all along.  It helps us recognize our own unique path to happiness and success. A reading with Roxanne will introduce you to your energy type and what that means for you, how to tell when you’re in alignment or out of alignment, and the best way for you to make decisions.

Sessions are typically between 50-60 min. long and can be done over the phone or through Zoom. 

Feminine Rising Blend

$22 CAD


This blend was created to inspire love, devotion, courage, and strength.

Infused with gemstones, reiki, and high quality essential oils, each blend is cleansed with sustainably sourced herbs and charged under the full moon.

Created in small batches, each blend receives its unique combination of gemstones, sound frequency, and sacred geometry mandalas representing the numbers chosen for this specific batch.

Every time you look at this bottle, every time you smell the fragrance of this blend, and every time you roll the glass ball over your skin, you are connecting to the power and incredible frequencies contained within.

Regardless of your gender, this blend supports the rise of our feminine energy.  As a collective, we are shifting into a new paradigm where the Divine feminine is calling us to show up in a new way.  Can you feel the pull? Can you hear the call? This blend is created to support you along your journey.

Ingredients: Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil, lemon peel essential oil, Cananga odorata (ylang ylang) essential oil, Boswellia sacra (Sacred Frankincense) essential oil

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For a limited time you will receive a gift with every purchase.  A lip balm, a Goddess Wisdom Card, or an Animal Medicine Wisdom Card. 


Schedule online or contact Roxanne to schedule your session or to purchase a gift certificate


Carve out an hour of quiet time, grab your favourite pillow and I will bring everything else to you.  This 60 minute session includes a comfortable massage and a blanket for comfort with your choice of essential oils and healing gemstones to enhance the experience. You will receive a gift after each session.  Visit my FAQ page to learn more

In-home Reiki