Human Design Chart Summary

$44 CAD


Human Design is basically a roadmap on how to live the life your soul came to this earth to live. In a world full of shoulds, we can be left feeling confused on the best way to create ease and flow.  Human Design helps us unlock what our soul has been guiding us towards all along.  It helps us recognize our own unique path to happiness and success.

A Human Design Chart Summary based on your Date, Time, and location of your birth will introduce you to your energy type and what that means for you, how to tell when you’re in alignment or out of alignment, and the best way for you to make decisions.

Please note: You will receive your guide within 48 hours of your scheduled time to the email you provide on booking.

A little love…

Receiving my human design chart was a wonderful gift of personal clarity. It’s like I can now clearly see what my true design is and how I had been fighting with parts of myself because I didn’t understand them yet. It also showed me how deeply I have been conditioned to be and act a certain way. It was so freeing to read these truths about myself, be conscious of what I can discard and move forward with a strong sense of certainty and pride about who I am. It was also very cool to share this information with my partner, so they could better understand my inner workings and how we can get the most out of our lives together. Thank you for shifting my life with this knowledge! – Rachel

Thank you so much. Very interesting. This is actually a great confirmation of my current beliefs and deepest feelings. Working with the Archangels and universe a lot these days. My biggest lesson here, take my time to make decisions. The universe will guide me, when the time is right, I trust that I will feel it. God bless. – Anita