How I kept my faith through one of the toughest decisions of my life

  One month ago I was admitted to hospital completely healthy to be released four days later with five stitched incisions and one less kidney.  I left feeling pain, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, and pure joy.  I made a decision a year prior to donate one of my kidneys to a stranger.  This decision came afterContinue reading “How I kept my faith through one of the toughest decisions of my life”

Why I decided to give away my kidney

This is a question I’ve been asked many times over the past two years.  It’s a question I’ve had to ask myself a few times too. Since starting this journey, I’ve read many stories of people doing exactly what I’m about to do.  I resonate with each of their reasons.  Many of them don’t reallyContinue reading “Why I decided to give away my kidney”

A letter to my dad

If you knew my dad you would know he’s funny, patient, generous, and always says it how he sees it.  What you might not know about it him is that he is extremely intuitive, he’s a beautiful poet, and an empath. When I try and trace back where my interest in all things spiritual/universal/woo wooContinue reading “A letter to my dad”

What is in your spiritual toolkit?

Spiritual toolkits are like food for you soul! I have built up quite a large spiritual toolkit over the years.  Some tools I dig out daily, some only once or twice a year.  I’ve learned to rely on other people less and count on myself more.  Not saying that asking for help or support isContinue reading “What is in your spiritual toolkit?”